Make a Wave



I'm completing my first novel. Fellow seekers and finders welcome.

Web Design

Websites are an entrepreneur's best friend. There is unlimited potential in pixels!


A photo can crystallize a moment in the otherwise fleeting play of light and form.



My first attempt at writing a novel was like a purification. The second attempt was a play of mind. The third came from the heart. This is the one I finished and am now polishing.

Unknown to me when I started, writing a novel is about self-realization, gaining the ability to traverse the rivers of thought and emotion to connect at a deeper level: the subconscious. There rest the treasures of creativity, the riveting plot lines, the birth of characters, the poetry in the prose.

I've been a journalist, a blogger and a technical writer. But it was only when I wrote a novel that I discovered that inner core of pure potential we all possess. I learned to take time to be still, silent, to accept and allow the story to flow.

Web Design

Building a website is an new art form. While every site should be easy to navigate and full of useful specifics, it should also be appealing. It should "feel good."

I've designed sites for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to ma-and-pa startups. In my experience, it's the emotional impact more than the logic that drives people to purchase or connect. A good website not only engages the mind, it stirs the heart.



I get my best pictures when I'm in a state of inner stillness. With calm mind and open heart, the awareness expands and clarifies, allowing the creative vision.

When we abandon the illusion of past and future, and live in the present, we can experience what I call "Creativity from the Source." Every photo is a testimony to the power of the present, a window to the soul of the world, a glimpse to the eternal essence of every moment.

Here's a few of my recent photos.