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A new era begins…

She came. She saw. She conquered America. But she wants more … and the only man who can stop her is torn between rebellion and love.

A new myth for the 21st century: THE LAST LEADER delves into the nature of POWER, LOVE and ILLUSION.

VISUALIZE a world where one woman rules the nation with sharp wit and magical technology, promising to turn women from victims to victors: The United States of EMPERIA.

THE LAST LEADER introduces the youngest president in history as one of the boldest. A stunning Asian-American, Emperia Bloom casts a spell over the country while consolidating power like a QUEEN.

Working under Emperia’s new jobs program, PHOENIX is a young mechanic. But when a mystical woman lures him to an underground club, he falls in with the MISFITS of Emperia’s brave new nation.

Talk of revolution is in the air as many worry Emperia may become America’s last freely elected leader.

Phoenix embarks on an adventure to save freedom, racing along the surreal edges of the American Dream. Along the way, he meets Emperia’s estranged father, a legendary android designer who seeks to free Emperia of her lust for power. But when DESTINY delivers Phoenix into the hands of Emperia herself, will he fall under her spell?

Publisher’s note: This is the specially marked Original Print Run of the First Edition.

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