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A new era begins…

This is more that a story … it’s a seismic shift in human consciousness, a gateway to an era long prophesied.

Ancient seers understood what are called world cycles, that our Earth would reach a critical stage and transform from a dark age of aggression to an enlightened time of unity and mass communication.

We are now in the midst of this global change, a time of great upheaval as the new unity consciousness clashes with the old age of division.

“The World Will Be Saved By the Western Woman.” – The Dalai Lama

The conflict of old and new will continue until one woman wins the American presidency, performing wonders like a goddess as she ushers in a new philosophy for the techno-age.

We’ve heard of Cleopatra and Helen of Troy, but the children of tomorrow will know Emperia Bloom, or someone a lot like her. She represents the rise in feminine energies, fierce at first to match the aggressive level of masculine energies.

As Emperia purges “toxic masculinity” from society, she consolidates power to ensure her new reign continues. However, her vice president, Mae O’Herra, is the voice of balance amidst the opposing forces. Concerned over the severity of the toxic purge and Emperia’s quest for absolute power, Mae rebels.

Caught between the two powerful women is Phoenix Flynn, representing the average downcast man, shamed for his gender’s history of oppression, while at the same time treated as an object of desire by women. The tables have turned…

In a gripping tale where mysticism and machines mingle, Phoenix learns the secrets to make it through this cosmic change of consciousness, to connect with his heart and find inner balance.

Phoenix joins Mae’s rebellion, but when he finally finds himself face to face with the magnetic Emperia, will he simply fall under her spell? Or can he free his mind in order to free America?

The end delivers a final twist blasting through the deepest recesses of the human psyche all the way to the spirit world, the final frontier.

In the future, the leader is within…

____ REVIEWS of the Last Leader ____

“You will not find another read like this one. It is replete with hauntingly beautiful images to savor, powerful ideas to consider … a bold yet playful adventure … profoundly imaginative…”

“Fast paced and philosophical, a rarity in fiction where contemporary authors seem to hone in on a target audience and stick within the confines of what they feel will please the audience. This novel feels fresh and stimulating in comparison.”

“The humor woven throughout gives depth to the characters and the twists and turns kept me reading.”

“It gives hope to people working together in all realms of life to achieve freedom. The Last Leader ends with hope and leaves you wanting more as the story has just begun.“

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