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A New Era Begins…

The Last Leader by Joe Moody

What if women ruled the world?

It was all made possible by technology. The first big step was the washing machine, freeing housewives from the previously brutal process of getting those grass stains out. Soon after, they claimed the right to vote.

The next moment arrived when Rosie the Riveter led a generation of women into factories, assembling the heavy metals of World War II. Then came the dishwasher, the microwave, and factories that started making frozen dinners instead of bombs … no more hours spent whipping up dinner from scratch.

Suddenly, there was all this extra time. While some women spent it shopping and watching the flurry of soap operas saturating the airwaves, others became hyper-educated. With the dawn of the Web, this accelerated rate of learning went worldwide, and suddenly women were sometimes as smart as men, but usually smarter.

Then came all the wireless wonders, self-driving cars, holograms and finally androids. The stage was set for the final ascent of womankind, long foreseen by ancient sages who understood world cycles.

We’ve heard of Cleopatra and Helen of Troy, but the children of tomorrow will know Emperia Bloom, or someone a lot like her. She represents the culmination of the “feminine shift” in world consciousness, fierce at first to match the aggressive level of masculine energies.

Caught in the middle of the paradigm shift is Phoenix Flynn, representing the average downcast man, shamed for his gender’s history of oppression yet treated as an object of desire by women. The tables have turned…

In a gripping tale where mystics and machines mingle, Phoenix learns the secrets behind the rise of Emperia. But when he gets closer to her than he ever imagined, will he fall under the magnetic leader’s spell? Or can he free his mind to free America?


“An action-packed fable…”

“… fast paced and philosophical, a rarity in fiction.”

“I couldn’t put it down, and I suspect it will linger with me on many levels.”