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About Joe

joeWhile photography is a great form of visual expression, my first passion is writing stories. But as the real world drew closer, my rational mind decided journalism would be a good way to write and take pictures and earn a living. So I wrote for the high school paper, and for The Observer, Notre Dame’s student newspaper.

After graduation, I began my journalism career at a small newspaper outside Indianapolis. My mind had achieved its goal but my heart yearned for much more. I launched my own literary type journal in the college town of Bloomington, Indiana (where my future wife was attending school).

And then the web happened. Fascinated by this new media, even though many dismissed it as a fad, I dived in headfirst and never looked back. That was, until a few years ago when I remembered that first story I wrote, and I wondered when I would complete my next one. If ever.

So here I am today, several years into my novel that is now nearing completion. I still design websites, and enjoy photography as a side-passion. But my main focus is to share this story, a futuristic satire/action-adventure. My protagonist rises to the call of the Hero’s Journey. Stay tuned…