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Gratitude Glasses

Focus is a key to our serenity
To highlight what’s here verses what’s apart
It’s a shift in the mind, a door to unbind
A total reconnection with the heart

Breath deep and relax, to get back on track
It’s the power of positive attitude
Makes not enough just enough, makes smooth what was rough
See through the glasses of gratitude

Turns isolation to quiet vacation
From a world so busy and loud
Turns rain for hours into food for flowers
Makes thunder like a song of a cloud

A Collection of Free Drum Beats

I started playing drums at age 12. After playing on pots and pans, my mom suggested I contact the drum teacher across the street. He sold me a starter kit and taught me to play. Here I'm compiling some free drum clips and samples for your use in projects and listening enjoyment. If you use one, a link back to this page would be appreciated. "Mountain" - Drum Clip "Rolling" - Drum Clip "Epic" - Drum Clip "Mountain (space)" - Drum Clip "March" - Drum Clip Read more [...]

Our evolution since 9-11

Today, it would raise more than a red flag if a flight school student said he didn't need to learn how to land a plane. But what we've learned goes beyond the added vigilance. Our evolution went something like this: 9-11: Denial 9-12: Anger until the end of 2004 2005 to present: Acceptance We accept there will always be those who hate us, no matter how much we either bomb or appease. We accept we can't convert the world to democratic capitalism, but that America was founded on such Read more [...]

Etiquette in the Computer Age

There's a new etiquette sweeping the land that separates the classy from the crassy. Even if you always say "Bless you" when someone sneezes and hold the door for the person behind you, you could still end up seeming uncouth, or worse unhip, in the online world. Let's start with email. Have you ever gotten an email from a friend or acquaintance and they include a gigantic business signature at the end of the (usually brief) email? Then you've been "Email Sigged." This is when people Read more [...]

Still can’t get no satisfaction

Twice as many Americans now take anti-depressants than 12 years ago, reported Reuters news agency. When we really grasp human life with its emotion, absurdity and adrenaline, it’s really not so shocking that amid our technological wonders, we remain unsatisfied. Just because we command robots, horseless carriages and satellites, doesn’t mean we left behind the reptilian brain buried deep within us. We are lizards stepping on escalators, elevating to the sky in steel boxes, and pretending Read more [...]
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