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I’m working on a play based on Vincent van Gogh’s life. It’s not intended to be a biography of van Gogh, but simply a work inspired by his life, philosophy and paintings. This is why different names have been used, and the play takes place in our own modern times. Here’s the intro: FADE IN: The Painter on His Way to Work WILL’S VOICE Dear Leo,  The brushes and coffee arrived just in time. I’ve been burning the midnight oil lately, and caffeine is the fuel. It wakes me too, Read more […]

Focus is a key to our serenity To highlight what’s here verses what’s apart It’s a shift in the mind, a door to unbind A total reconnection with the heart Breath deep and relax, to get back on track It’s the power of positive attitude Makes not enough just enough, makes smooth what was rough See through the glasses of gratitude Turns isolation to quiet vacation From a world so busy and loud Turns rain for hours into food for flowers Makes thunder like a song of a cloud