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The End of Postmodernism

(note this is a work in progress) Postmodernism relishes in the world's confusion, the lack of any mainstream, just many streams depositing into the same ocean. Each stream represents an idea, a way to live, a philosophy. Each idea flows along its own course, seemingly independent and unique, all pouring into the same vast sea of world-thought. To understand the streams, we must grasp the zeitgeist — the spirit of each age — that shapes world-thought. Like storm clouds pregnant with Read more [...]

When I left Journalism for the Digital Revolution

Two months shy of its 150th birthday, the Rocky Mountain News breathes its last. Soon after, Seattle's oldest newspaper stops the presses to be reborn digitally. The state of Minnesota uses precious tax money to retrain newspaper staff for an online audience. Before the World Wide Web, I was one of those journalists in training. As fate would have it, the year I graduated in 1993, an invention called the web browser would soon change everything. While starting my career as a journalist, Read more [...]

Gen X remembers “Back in My Day…”

Remember Grandpa telling his "Back in my day," stories. Like "... I walked a mile for a block of ice..." Well Generation X is already compiling their own unique list. Here's a few that come to mind: Back in my day, music came in cassette tapes -- now it flows through the air via wifi. Back in my day, one of the best video games was a ping-pong ball eating up small balls while being chased by ghosts -- and we loved it, damnit. Back in my day, we had only a handful of TV channels -- and Read more [...]

April, 2009: A new era is born

It's springtime in America, again for the first time since 1980. Greed is out. Frugality is in. Old paradigms are out. Shuttered buildings reopen with new ideas in the windows. The economic crisis and changing of the presidential guard were seismic shifts in consciousness. The recent photo of Obama chumming it up with his Russian counterpart says it all, newness of ideology permeates the air. In crisis lies opportunity, but it can also lead to more crisis. Where this new era will take Read more [...]

The debate over when Generation X begins

A couple thought-provoking comments to my last column got me thinking where I stand as to the birth years of Generation X. Some say X begins in 1961, some say 1966. There's no better example of a person born during this time than our own President Obama. Is he Generation X? Gut reaction: There are as many similarities as differences, so for me the jury is still out. While he has the technical savvy of Gen X, he has the idealism of a Boomer. Obama believes that government is the Read more [...]

Google’s popularity test

The Internet is defining a new multifaceted culture, and Google is defining the Internet. Google is just a search engine, meaning a place to find indexed content online. But it is the way it ranks content that influences the content itself. Google was created by two Generation Xers, Lawrence Page and Sergey Brin, in their Stanford dorm room. For a pair of Generation X’ers who came of age amid a confusing post-modern landscape, their philosophies are far from postmodern. They Read more [...]

Reverse Rebellion

Rebellion is to resist authority, to go against the grain. Rebellion has a negative connotation, but just like the film Star Wars, rebels can be the good guys if the ruling authority is the Dark Side. In the 1960's the young people of that day rebelled against traditional authority and created what was dubbed the counter-culture. By the early 21st century, this generation became the authorities they once resisted, and changed culture so much that the counter-culture became mainstream society. Read more [...]

Organic Withdrawal

As our world becomes more digital, the greater our yearning will grow for the natural. This is already seen in the rising property values of homes near the natural wonders: lakes, oceans, mountains, forests and open landscapes. Just as opposites attract, we gravitate more toward the natural to balance our increasingly digital existence: • Extreme sports, most of which interact with nature, like rock climbing, snowboarding, off-road mountain-biking and many others, all re-connect Read more [...]

Reality Surfing

With our remote-controls and keyboards, we not only surf TV or the Web, we surf reality itself. Reality is a summation of the five senses. The infinite possibilities of our digital environment enables people to change reality like changing a channel. There is no mainstream anymore, just many streams running into the same ocean. • from having 3 Network TV stations most watched, to hundreds of channels on digital cable or satellite •  from Casey Kasum's American Top 40, Read more [...]

The Year 2000: Thinking Different

Like the endless rows of the newest super-center, a new world of influences, distractions and empowerment have emerged unique to the digital society. Just as the catcher's mitt, or the hammer, or sword, are physical enhancements, the computer is a mental enhancement. Old fashioned tools empower physical abilities. The computer, a powerful extension of our mind, enhances and even changes how our minds function. The difference in the digital mind is that it thinks more abstractly, from more Read more [...]
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