Joe Moody

January, 1980: Young Americans

The metamorphosis of the American mind began in 1980, I was 9 years old. January, 1980 Delivering papers just got easier, my ears saturated with sound as newspapers fly through the air. It was all I wanted for Christmas, a new thing called a Walkman. Children sing “We Don’t Need No Education” as I hurled papers to the beat. I could now play my own soundtrack to the world, define the mood of the moment. But the Walkman came at a price, because it meant no funds for new video games. What Read more […]

Hooded towels, Jacquard ribbon and a tip for entrepreneurs

If you already offer a product, look at the parts that make up the product. Do you have a nice supply of it, and would others be interested? Here’s an example. My wife started a cool gift site for our little nieces and nephews entering the world called Hooded Towels, where you can customize a hooded bath towel for a baby boy or girl. It’s a unique gift used for years as baby becomes a toddler. There’s also child’s Hooded Towels. Towelhoodies lets you select your own Jacquard Read more […]