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Etiquette in the Computer Age

There’s a new etiquette sweeping the land that separates the classy from the crassy. Even if you always say “Bless you” when someone sneezes and hold the door for the person behind you, you could still end up seeming uncouth, or worse unhip, in the online world. Let’s start with email. Have you ever gotten an email from a friend or acquaintance and they include a gigantic business signature at the end of the (usually brief) email? Then you’ve been “Email Sigged.” This is when people Read more […]

Hooded towels, Jacquard ribbon and a tip for entrepreneurs

If you already offer a product, look at the parts that make up the product. Do you have a nice supply of it, and would others be interested? Here’s an example. My wife started a cool gift site for our little nieces and nephews entering the world called TowelHoodies.com Hooded Towels, where you can customize a hooded bath towel for a baby boy or girl. It’s a unique gift used for years as baby becomes a toddler. There’s also child’s Hooded Towels. Towelhoodies lets you select your own Jacquard Read more […]