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Creativity from the Source

the-statue-of-man-1197211-m“The Source” refers to the origin of all life, the creative force that moves molecules into lifeforms, the ever-expanding state of consciousness and evolution.

The Mind often mistakes the Source for thoughts and forms. But those can at best only be arrows to the true meaning. The Source itself is only attainable in those moments we let go of thought and form, and exist the present to witness the miracle of life happening now.

Unfortunately, most thoughts and forms are pointing us away from the present, away from the Source, away from God.

One way to quiet the chatter of our mind is to focus on the body. There we grow more conscious of the body’s life force, the most powerful being the heart. It is through the heart that both the spirit and subconscious can pass into consciousness, bringing what we’d call creative breakthroughs. The Mind is useful to carry out the vision received through the heart, but it must shouldn’t be in control. For no matter how much the mind struggles, it is but a manifestation of the Source. When we mistake the Mind for the Source, we become but a tool of the Mind.

Take a moment to be still. Listen to silence and accept that everything in the universe is as it should be. Surrender to this moment and breathe. Feel the unlimited potential of life pulsating through your body, through the earth, through the universe. In this state, the creative streams can flow freely.