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I comb the globe finding the most natural, life-boosting products out there … things I use myself! Then, I found the best deals to save you money.

First, be happy! Here’s my favorite all-natural feel-good supplement, L-Tyrosine:

I use this to juice carrots, celery, lemons and apples:

Wake up super-charge with a cacao ceremony :

This is my favorite soap!

Ooo this lotion stuff is so smooth!:

In Sanskrit, Oil means Love, and I love this!

I replace my lunch with this yummy shake:

For rest, I use a little valerian Root:

My once annoying teeth are now healthy with this Water Pick:

Joe’s Lucky Finds? – Christmas Edition!

A portable, bluetooth record player.
A bluetooth record player.

Vinyl Made Easy!? -? Blow your vinyl-lover’s mind with this portable *bluetooth* enabled record player. You no longer need a receiver and clunky speakers to get “into the groove.” And guess what, it has built-in speakers so you can rock out even if you don’t have bluetooth … BAM ? ??

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Board game with a silhouette of a spy on the cover.
Spy Alley board game.

Coolest “real” game ever!? – ?Playing board games with real people is the newest thing! And this game does what no video game can do: discern if other players are bluffing by their real reactions and expressions?—?nothing virtual! This is truly the funnest game I’ve played in a loooong time.

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Charcoal colored Ugg boots.
Ugg boots for a comfy winter.

I Go Barefoot in These!? – These are so comfortable, I usually leave the socks at home. You’ll never say “Ugh” wearing Ugg Boots. They’re tough, they’re soft, they’re warm … kind of like how we want our mates! These sheepskin boots from Australia were first popular among surfers in the 60s! Go for it, duuude! ?

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An LED lantern with a vintage design.
A retro LED lantern.

I’m beginning to see the light!? – Well all right! The fun vintage design of this lantern makes it special… With this classic look, you could film a mystery movie walking in the fog, or maybe you need a spare light for your car, or even in your bedroom … this thing has you covered! What’s also neat is the dimmer, so you can adjust how bright you want the light. Grab this lantern, a good book, and go snuggle up somewhere where nobody can find you!?

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A blue steel tongue drum with a pair of drumsticks.
A steel tongue drum.

Good vibrations! – “She’s giving me the excitations (oom bop bop)…” ? this fun little steel “tongue” drum is great for bringing a good vibe anywhere. I usually play it with my bare fingers, tapping and sometimes knocking with my knuckles. So fun! It’s soothing, inspiring and you might even make great music! ?

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The Last Leader cover, with a woman’s face staring at a Phoenix.
The Last Leader, by Joe Moody

High adventure and romance!? – Well, I had to throw in my recent novel! This futuristic fantasy answers the questions: What if women ruled the world? What would this mean for men? One woman rises to the top … and she’s not been happy with how women have been treated for the last few thousand years. Now, she’s here for sweet revenge… ?

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A gray scrapbook with a photo in the center of a couple hugging.l
A self-adhesive photo album.

Remember real pictures?? – Not the “virtual” kind that you squint to see on a phone, and that vanish with a swipe… I’m talking about the kind that stay in a cute book you can share with someone (without passing around a device). This cute little scrapbook is so sweet and simple! ??

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A 50-foot strip of colorful lights with remote control.
LED party lights.

Let’s Partaaayy!! – these fun lights will dazzle and delight, and can be synced with your music using your phone! The rich colors will brighten the mood of any room, from your bedroom to a party at your home bar. With 50 feet, you’ll have plenty of lights to dazzle any gathering. ?

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Sunglasses with pink frame and brown lens.
The “reaction” shades.

“Hey, I love your sunglasses!” – A woman I adore is always stopped by people saying how they love these sunglasses.

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Image of Santa surfing.
An Amazon gift card.

A fun, easy gift for anyone? – animated gift cards! Some people are just hard to buy for, or know what they want. A gift card is great for them, as it allows them to choose exactly what they’ve been waiting for!

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Affiliate disclaimer: Thank you for supporting my sharing of wellness tips and favorite products for the benefit of all! When you click a link on this page and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission to support me in continuing to spread wellness tips to you and others. It’s a win-wi

Standard disclaimers:

Thank you for supporting my sharing of wellness tips and favorite products for the benefit of all! When you click a link on this page and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission to support me in continuing to spread wellness tips to you and others. It’s a win-win!

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