What if Women Ruled the World?

If ignorance is bliss, Phoenix was in nirvana. He made no choices, fought no vices, only heard government-approved voices. He was an average servant in a bold new world ruled by women. It had been this way since birth, so he rarely questioned the order of things.

“There will come times, Phoenix, when doubts may arise in your mind,” she said, glowing like an apparition. “As your Role Officer, I’m here to give you answers.”

Phoenix watched her lips form the words he was supposed to remember. Beneath her brown officer’s cap radiated auburn locks pulled back so tightly her pale face stretched. Her olive eyes, alight with knowledge and authority, seemed to look past him.

*** Reader Reviews ***:

“You will not find another read like this one. It is replete with hauntingly beautiful images to savor, powerful ideas to consider. It is a bold yet playful adventure.”

“I couldn’t put it down, and I suspect it will linger with me on many levels.”

“The humor woven throughout gives depth to the characters and the twists and turns kept me reading.”