Gen X remembers “Back in My Day…”

Remember Grandpa telling his “Back in my day,” stories. Like “… I walked a mile for a block of ice…”

Well Generation X is already compiling their own unique list. Here’s a few that come to mind:

Back in my day, music came in cassette tapes — now it flows through the air via wifi.

Back in my day, one of the best video games was a ping-pong ball eating up small balls while being chased by ghosts — and we loved it, damnit.

Back in my day, we had only a handful of TV channels — and played movies on 2 competing platforms: VHS and Beta.

Back in my day, we could roam around the house with a cordless phone and that was a big deal — and there were no roaming charges.

Back in my day, only the digital elite could go online through mainframe supercomputers, now two-year-olds surf the ‘net

Back in my day, cars had not yet become computers with pistons and wheels.

Back in my day, Casey Casum told everybody what the biggest hits were. Now nobody has a clue.

stay tuned when i find time for more…