Current Creative Project Inspired by van Gogh

Current Creative Project Inspired by van Gogh

I’m working on a play based on Vincent van Gogh’s life. It’s not intended to be a biography of van Gogh, but simply a work inspired by his life, philosophy and paintings. This is why different names have been used, and the play takes place in our own modern times. Here’s the intro:

FADE IN: The Painter on His Way to Work


Dear Leo, 

The brushes and coffee arrived just in time. I’ve been burning the midnight oil lately, and caffeine is the fuel. It wakes me too, to face the morning sun and capture its hypnotic effect on the landscape. 

I know Father thinks I’m crazy, throwing my future away. Even onlookers give me the strangest stares as I set up my easel along some random corner. I guess I’m out of step with the times, and that may not change in this life. 

But no worries, for with your help, I’m getting a taste of life lived from the soul instead of the calculating mind. And while our work may not be recognized today, maybe tomorrow it will inspire others to lead richer lives. That’d be something… For life is short, and shorter still are the number of years you feel bold enough to face everything.

Your brother,