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Our evolution since 9-11

Today, it would raise more than a red flag if a flight school student said he didn’t need to learn how to land a plane.

But what we’ve learned goes beyond the added vigilance. Our evolution went something like this:

9-11: Denial
9-12: Anger until the end of 2004
2005 to present: Acceptance

We accept there will always be those who hate us, no matter how much we either bomb or appease.

We accept we can’t convert the world to democratic capitalism, but that America was founded on such principals and should remain that way.

We accept that the Cold War is over unless we behave like it still exists, then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We accept that world power isn’t in how many nation-states we have influence, but in how much the nation-states and their people respect us.

We accept that that no matter how much bad America has ever done, the good outweighs it. We’re the most charitable country in the world.

We accept that leading by example is the best way to hinder the propagation of our enemies.

We accept that the founders didn’t want an expanding empire, they wanted a free country protected by safe and secure borders.

We’re still struggling with this acceptance, but at least we’ve reached that stage.